lowlevelriot asked: Every single time I see your url I think it says "jayzsongwagon" and I picture you and Jay-Z in a Conestoga wagon like on the Oregon Trail tossing out music notes, records, and sheet music. All while fording rivers and stopping at trading posts and stuff.

I literally just read this for the first time
ever and it is THE BEST

My life would be so much easier if I didn’t hate cooking

Going through like 300 old messages in my inbox and it makes me feel pretty horrible for never responding to a lot of them. I’m sorry! I don’t know why that happens, usually I love talkin’ to ya’ll. I think it’s just during times when my life is extra busy that I don’t get around to responding and then I feel dumb about responding so late (which is dumb). I don’t even know man. I love you guys though.


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

"I don’t wanna hurt their feelings."

i literally have watched this episode 5 times already

It's Almost Halloween
Artist: Panic! At The Disco

25,730 plays

Everybody scream
Everybody scream
It’s almost Halloween

F yeah